My story is like many. As a minority with a passion and a dream, I spent countless hours navigating unfamiliar systems and methodically trying to create opportunities were I saw none.

This classic story is most greatly amplified in legends of the past: Jackie Robinson, the first African American to break racial barriers to play in major league baseball; George Washington Carver, the great minority inventor of more than 100 products that are integral to every Amercian household today; and Katherine Johnson, an mathematician and NASA engineer who overcame barriers that helped mankind achieve space flight.

What is most powerful in these stories besides the sheer talent, intellect and perseverance of each great legend, is the great movement that preceded and came after. Many of these greats would tell you about someone that helped pave their way. And today, many can point to past for examples.

A movement of this kind is not only a win for minorities. But we all reap the benefits of diversity.

This is why Savary Movement, LLC is an important initiative for me. With the right moves, together we can achieve greatness.